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Tag Types

Tags are optional and summarized in the tag (cloud) menu and useful for search overviews.
There are five groups of tags used to additional specifications based on the category “Kind of Location“.

Current Reference

*Review required*
Location which has to be verified because lack of actual and reliable data about foreign military presence or tagged facilities.

*Update 202x*
Updates because of political process.

Location used by maneuver and drilling of foreign forces, including logistic support
Defender20 – Defender21 – Atlantic Resolve

Base nation

Military base used by nation, including also civilian locations.
“NATO” could be defined as foreign power in cases when special command units or “Center of Excellence” are located on a national location.


Military bases of the USA have more detailed specifications: MOB – FOB FOS CSL
More info:
Official terms and specifications

Use (of base)

Special facilities, sometimes with an extra post, visible with a zoom in OpenStreetBrowser and Google Earth
Drone WarfareEnvironmental Impact – Radar Listening

(Geographical) Region

US bases in the main deployment nations are mostly focused in single or several regions. In Germany there are four federal states:
RLP Rhineland-Palatine – Hessen – BaWü Baden-Württemberg – Bavaria
A further important national region is the prefecture Okinawa in Japan.

(Primary) Source

BSR: One or multiple entries in U.S. Base Structure Report (BSR)
More Info:US definitions about military bases and Base Structure Report (Official terms and allocations)
Wikipedia list: Listed in Wikipedia compilation
Other: Location neither listed in the BSR nor in Wikipedia list.
Note: US bases are only tagged with “Wikipedia list” if there is no BSR entry.