Single Views with Links from VisualBases

All locations in VisualBases have a complete Link to OpenStreetBrowser with the military layer.
Further option: With a copy and paste of the additional coordinates a direct access to the location in Google Maps or Google Earth is possible.
Note: Coordinates within the OpenStreetBrowser are normally slightly different from the copy&paste coordinates. because the first one refer to the display on a typically 1200 x 800 PC screen and the latter are normally pasted from a single place within the location.

Basics about OpenStreetBrowser  is a cooperation of OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia (Commons, Wikipedia, Wikidata, …). OpenStreetMap objects are linked to Wikimedia objects with tags and optional layer like among others “Infrastructure → Military”.
Military tags are visible step by step with zoom factor.
Zoom factor 11: tags of main locations visible
Zoom factor 14: tags of facilities visible
Beginning with zoom level 14 in Openstreetbrowser you can see many facilities, mostly unnamed.
Note: Not all special facilities by definition in Visualbases must have a corresponding military object pin in Openstreetbrowser.

Example with Internet Link

15: Zoom factor
15/49.4369/7.6027: Decimal coordinates (Lat./Lon. – WGS84)
OpenStreetMap link:
same link in OpenStreetbrowser with layer “Military”

Examples with OpenStreetBrowser Maps

Zoom Level 11

Zoom Level 11


Zoom Level 17

Zoom level 17. Note: The drone warfare satellite station – named with “Distributed Common Ground System Ramstein” is not tagged in the Openstreetbrowser layer.

Code of Military Layer in OpenStreetBrowser

“query”: {
“11”: [
“14”: [