1. Copy the link location (with right mouse click or Ctrl-C): 
  2. Click the viewer
  3. Paste visualbases.kmz (with Crtl-V) in the input window

Within the KML-/KMZ-Viewer you can zoom and switch to satellite images.

Comparison between Google Earth and KML-/KMZ-Viewer

Google Earth

+ detailed view bases on satellite images
+ comparison with historic images
+ data saved and editable in “my places”


+ available ad-hoc in the Web browser without PC installation
+ better overview with pushpins on world map
+ switch from maps to satellite images on demand

Note: Instead of paste the actual visualbases.kmz file in the entry window of the KML-/KMZ-viewer you can put a copy of this file in Google Drive, where this file is available on all machines with your personal Google account.