6th International Congress against Military Bases and War – Documentation June 23, 2023

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5th International Congress against Military Bases – Documentation July 9, 2021

Military Bases in Asia and Africa – A Threat to World Peace

US Military Bases Abroad: Backbone of Endless War:
A conversation with David Vine (USA), Professor at American University in Washington, DC




Pacific and Southeast Asia:
Ann Wright (Hawaii/USA), Veterans for Peace and CODEPINK




Korean Peninsula and China:
A-Young Moon (South Korea), IPB Council Member and PEACEMOMO
–> Video Presentation



Toguchi Osamu (Japan), all Okinawa anti-bases coalition
–> Video Presentation



Philippine Caucus for Peace / Pacific Peace Network
Our Continuing Struggle for a Nuclear-Free, Bases-Free Philippines & Pacific
–> Text contribution



Latin America:
Julietta Daza (Columbia/Venezuela)
–> Video Presentation



Vincenzo Santiglia (Italy) NO MOUS,

John Lannon (Ireland), Shannon watch and PANA
–> Text contribution



Innocent Musore (Rwanda), Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation (GER)

NATO and France  in Africa:
Alain Rouy (France), Movement de la Paix
–> Text contribution



UK Bases in Asia & Africa:
Dave Webb (UK), Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
–> Text contribution



Edgar Göll (Germany), Cuba Solidarity Network
–> Text contribution