Every location in VisualBases is unique allocated to one of nine Kind of Location.
Push-pin colours are used in the KML-/KMZ-file available for Google Earth and KML-/KMZ-viewer.

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Foreign or Overseas Base

Property operated and mostly exclusively used by foreign military forces.
-> More Info: Examples with Foreign and Overseas Bases

Shared Base

Operated by the national military, but permanent deployment of foreign military forces or telecommunications installation.
-> More Info: Examples with Shared Bases

National Base

No permanent deployment of foreign forces but temporary use.
-> More info: Examples with National Bases

USA Global Base

Bases within the USA with special facilities as part of a global network, i.e. for missile defence systems, radar tracking or drone warfare.

Closed Base Location

Former foreign/overseas military base which is officially closed and not developed for civilian use. The location has typically no cleanup from inherited burdens and could be re-activated for military use on demand.

Civilian Location

Official not declared for military purpose, but strategically important and frequent used from military,  as any other form of military cooperation.

Additional Facility View

Additional view or (zoom in OpenStreetBrowser) for special purpose based on specific tags.
-> More info: Examples with Additional Facility Views


General Notes

  • With few and justified exceptions the single location category follows the existence of a military layer in OpenStreetBrowser. Civilian locations don’t have a military layer, based on the definition.
  • Airports can be defined as civilian (without military layer) or also as shared base (with military layer).
  • Military training sites can be national, shared or foreign, depending from the category of other locations in this region.
  • Closed base locations don’t include civilian conversion areas.

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