Definition: Operated by the national military, but permanent deployment of foreign military forces or telecommunications installation.

Note: Locations which include NATO Center of Competence and NATO command units are always defined as shared locations, if not included in a foreign base. An official declaration as NATO Air Base is mostly a shared base, but not in cases of main sites with a lot of single units.


Büchel NATO Air Base (Germany)

Büchel Air Base is included in the US Base Structure Report as installation. Büchel is a German (national) Air Base with the installation of 20 atomic bombs as part of the so called Nuclear share within the NATO. The key access to the atomic bombs belongs to deployed US military on this location.

Globus II, Vardø (Norway)

This radar station is officially operated by the Norwegian Intelligence Service. The installed radar was originally sited in California, as part of the US Missile Defense System, and then moved to  Norway.

Baumholder Training Area (Germany)

The German Bundeswehr is the administration authority of the Baumholder Training  Area. The whole area includes the Smith Barracks as an US military installation.

Tapa Training Area (Estonia)

This location is declared as pure national, but  new buildings were completed in 2017 to support the troop rotation based on the Atlantic Resolve strategy of NATO.