Military Hot Spot

These posts have links to the OpenStreetBrowser with the military layer (standard with zoom factor 11), but no link in the KML file. Mostly concerning an U.S. Garrison, but also regional military communities in general.
Note: The belonging of single sites must not be unique. The purpose of these posts is to collect spanning data and views and create a better overview.

Undefined Location

In cases where an U.S. military presence is basically known but not identified, this term is uses in VisualBases to allocate a location similar to a military hot spot without defined “place” coordinates. Normally several military sites are displayed, where a shared base or “lily pad” should be included. More info: about “Lily Pads”

Additional Facility View

This definition in VisualBases means a sub-site, mostly with a zoom level 17 in OpenStreetBrowser. Within Google Earth the historical images of this location are of special interest.

Note: In OpenStreetBrowser starting with zoom level 14 sometimes a lot of sub-sites can be seen, mostly unnamed.