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Geographical Categories

Regional categories in VisualBases are:
Main deployment countries of foreign bases
– Germany
– Japan
– South Korea
– United Kingdom
– Italy
All other countries are grouped within regions like
– North Europe (Scandinavia)
– West and South-West Europe (without UK)
– Central East Europe (Poland and Baltic States)
– South-East Europe (Balkans and Cyprus)


  • Every location has one geographical allocation and one (unique) kind of location.
  • Main Deployment countries are not included in their geographical region.


Special cases
  • UK is not only a deployment country in Europe but also in Africa (St. Helena) and Asia (Diego Garcia).
  • USA locations in North America are always allocated to the specific kind of location “USA Global Base”.  USA overseas locations in the Caribbean and Pacific are allocated to “Foreign and Overseas Bases” and “Closed Bases” in the same way like UK and France.