Military Bases from the USA

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Officially listed are the following bases:
Djibouti: Camp Lemonier Djibouti Navy Active Djibouti
Egypt: Naval Medical Research Unit 3 Navy Active Cairo
Kenya: NSA Bahrain – Kenya Navy Active Mombasa
Saint Helena: Ascension Auxiliary Airfield Air Force Active Ascension Island
Source: The US Base Structure Report (BSR – Edition FY 2018) – see excerpts

Note: The Naval Medical Research Unit 3 was shifted to Italy in Sigonella.

In Wikipedia are listed:
Cameroon – Contingency Location Garoua
Djibouti – Camp Lemonnier
Kenya – Camp Simba, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences
Niger – Niger Air Base 201
Seychelles – United States drone base in Seychelles
Tunisia – Drone base at Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed Air Base

Research from Nick Turse:
U.S. Military Says It Has a “Light Footprint” in Africa.
These Documents Show a Vast Network of Bases.
At least 34 U.S. military bases are scattered across Africa, with high concentrations in the north, west, and Horn of Africa.

David Vine: The United States of War
Turse found that the military had at least thirty-four base sites in Africa. In addition to Camp Lemmonier, a Pentagon list mentioned twelve “cooperative security locations”, twenty “contingency locations”, and another major “forward operating site” on Ascension Island, off Africa’s west coast. There are likely more bases. In 2017 a military spokesperson said there were forty-six outposts across the continent, including fifteen “enduring locations”.

The lack of transparency and pattern of misleading statements in the Africa Command and the Pentagon leave considerable uncertainty about the U.S. presence. But it’s clear the expansion of bases has been rapid and broad. It’s easier to list the African countries that have not had a U.S. presence: they number fewer than fifteen of the fifty-four.
Source: Vine,  289

Military Bases from UK

In Africa, British troops are based in Djibouti, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Somalia. There are five bases in Kenya, including the Kifaru Camp, which is part of the BATUK at the Kahawa Barracks in Nairobi.

Military Bases from France

Les forces armées dans la zone Sud de l’océan Indien (FAZSOI)
Les forces françaises stationnées à Djibouti (FFDj)
Les forces françaises en Côte d’Ivoire (FFCI)
Les éléments français au Gabon (EFG)
Les éléments français au Sénégal (EFS)
Chad – N’Djamena Air Force Base as part of Operation Barkhane
Niger – Niamey Air Force Base as part of Operation Barkhane
Mali – Several facilities in the country as part of Operation Barkhane

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